Brusselator: Non linear Odes system sample

The Brusselator is an oscillating problem for a certain type of chemical reactions modeled by a system of nonlinear differential equations

Consider the initial value problem

x' = 1-4x + yx2
y' = 3x - yx2

x(0) = 1.5
y(0) = 3.0

Let's use 快乐飞艇怎么玩: Runge-Kutta Calculator to solve numerically this probem.

If we introduce the problem in the application 快乐飞艇怎么玩: Runge-Kutta Calculator as

If we run the app 快乐飞艇怎么玩: Runge-Kutta Calculator obtain the graph

Notice how the values x,y produce an oscillation before becoming unstable after a certain time

Run this with 快乐飞艇怎么玩: Runge-Kutta Calculator

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