On line Integrator

On line integrator is an online tool based on modern numerical analysis techniques fo run the following calculations

Also, On line integrator calculates primitive for user defined functions.

1) Online calculation of local maximum and minimum of a function
2) On line Root functions calculations
3) Analytical derivative of a function
4) Primitive or definite integral of a function
5) Analytical primitive or integral of a function
6) Taylor polynomials calculations
7) Limit calculations

Analyzer functions work with one real variable functions, ie, functions in the form

f: R → R
  x → f(x)


Simply enter the items:

1) a: Lower extreme of the interval [a, b]

2) b: Supreme of the desired interval [a, b]

3) function: f(x)

4) x0: point toTaylor polynomial and limit calculation to.

Click on each of the options menu to get the desired result

Final Comments

Note that Functions Analyzer uses numerical analysis techniques and as such is subject to two kinds of errors:

1) Truncation method error: due to error in the method itself

2) Truncation error due to the limitation of computer arithmetic.

3) Use this application logically, for example, use x variable, do no insert unknowns constants such us a.Remind than Taylor polynomial is calculable in C-infinite functions.

For these reason it is important to note that the results obtained by Functions Analyzer is an approximate result in varying degrees and their use should be as suggestion. Functions Analyzer does not substitute manual calculation and nor maths learning!!.

Functions Analyzer does not require installation of any kind, just a browser with javascript support

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