Eigenvalues Calculator: Solving Linear equation systems and Jordan Canonical form calculator

Basic concepts and principles

With application on-line Linear Eigenvalues Calculator user be solve on-line systems of linear equations, inverse matrix, LU decomposition, eigenvectors and eigenvalues and so on ...

Linear Eigenvalues Calculator allows on line calculations of Jordan Cannonical form too.

Eigenvalues Calculator uses the LU matrix decomposition. Note that when we talk of numerical analysis, solutions are subject to various error (truncation methods, and computer arimétic limitations) kinds, so solutions provided by this application should be taken as suggestions or assistance to perform calculations.
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The application opens with a default problem:

     x + y + = 1
     -x + y = 1
     -0.5z = 1

Rewrite your problem as you need, you can add dimensions or remove it .

The calculations that you can do ar

1)Solve Ax=b Solve the equations system.

2)Inverse A Calculate the inverse of matrix A.

3)Transpose A Pass A to it transpose.

4)Jordan Form A Calculates the Jordan Canonical form of matrix A.

5)Determinant A Calculates the A determinant.

6)LU decomposition Calculates the LU decomposition of A.

7)Eigenvalues of A Calculates the A eigenvalues.

Click here to access to Linear Systems Solver

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