The Linear Systems Calculator: The intuitive Matrix calculator

Linear Systems Calculator is another mathstools on line app to make matrix operations whose are

1) Jordan cannonical form calculation.

2) Characteristic Polinomial of matrix A..

3) Solve linear equations systems in the form Ax=b.

4) Several matrix operations as calculate inverse, determinants, eigenvalues, diagonalize, LU decomposition in matrix with real or complex values

5) Sum, multiply, divide Matrix.


Linear Systems Calculator is not restricted in dimensions.

1) Enter the coefficient matrix in the table labeled "Matrix A", note that in the right menu you can add rows and columns using the "Add Column" or delete the option "Delete column"
2) Enter the coefficients vector in the table labeled "Vector B", note that in the right menu you can add dimensions to this vector "Add Column" or delete the option "Delete column"


To solve the system of linear equations Ax = B, click the menu item "Solve Ax = B"

To calculate the determinant of the matrix A, click the menu option "Determinant"

To calculate the inverse of the matrix, click the menu option "Invert"

To calculate the the matrix A eigenvalues, basis of eigenvectors and the diagonal form click the menu option "Eigenvalues".
To calculate the Jordan canonical form click in "Jordan Form".
To calculate the LU factorization of A form click in "LU Decomposition".
To the matrix sum, click on button "Other Matrix", a new window will open to input other matrix to multiply, sum or divide by A.

Final comments

The Linear Systems Calculator uses the LU decomposition for some of the calculations.

The Linear Systems Calculator does not require installation of any kind, just a browser with javascript support.

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Suraj Wate:

2014-02-07 05:25:51
Very nice app for high school students.


2014-03-25 02:49:30
Very interesting application. Do not have to carry luggage and use it anywhere. Thank you, very much. March 24-2013 21:53


2019-07-25 10:48:57
Very convenient. Thanks for developing this.

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