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    Contract: means these Terms and Conditions.
    User: means the natural or legal persons accessed through your browser to the site and uses hs758.com content in the form of text, images, applications and software contained therein.
    You: means the natural or legal person accessed through his browser to the site hs758.com and uses the contents as text, images, applications and programs it contains.

Intellectual Property

Texts, applications, programs and images are copyrighted by hs758.com so any use of such forces the user to
    1) Attribution : The user must explicitly hs758.com attributed authorship and ownership intellectualsl.
    2) Permission : The user must request permission to use of text, images, applications or programs


You have the responsibility for intellectual property rights explained in previous point.
hs758.com expressly disclaims legal responsibility for any damage, loss or injury arising from the use of this site and content in the form of text, images, software and applications it contains.
Mathstools contains banner ads whose contents external links are not the responsibility of hs758.com.
The navigation through advertising links is not responsible for hs758.com, which is why hs758.com expressly disclaims the use of the privacy of users who access these pages through the links on mathstools
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With the exception of the user's email request if and only if contact us in order to respond to the user's query in hs758.com not requested or store data relating to physical users accessing the site. hs758.com not ask for the service to use its contents.
However, and only with the aim of producing usage statistics, improve service and its contents in hs758.com we study navigation by users within the site. That is why we use cookies and sessions to store user information, such information and its object are:
- Preferred Language : English or Spanish taking into account the geographical position of the country of the user, the browser settings and user preferences so that the next time you enter to site, the users have access to hs758.com in their preferred language
- Navigator User-Agent : Header that identifies the make and version of browser for usage statistics.
- IP: Only gateway Header through which users access for usage statistics.
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User messages

In Mathstools we believe that the internet should serve to disseminate and share knowledge, therefore we give to users the possibility of expressing their opinions and sharing such knowledge. But mathstools doesn't contribute with haters, trolls, nor do we spread lies or hate messages, for this reason we reserve the right to filter, publish and answer constructive and with good intentioned messages. Messages that do not contribute anything will not be answered.

Policy Changes

hs758.com reserves the right to modify all or part of this contract in which case users will be notified through a notice read on the homepage of the site


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